This story started with a bent spoon and a kid who wanted to share his passion with the people who cared enough to ask.
The first drop of spoon rings sold out instantly and that quickly transformed into a journey of chasing moments that push you to the next.
If the goal was to create a collection from a specific place in the world, creating top tier packaging, finding a factory to make original designs, getting Forbes features or swimming in the shark tank? We always went for it 
We're proud of our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to every detail of the customer experience. Our products are made of the highest quality metals and designs that are unmatched. But to be honest, it's never been just about the rings.
They're the vehicle that allows us to have meaningful connections – with people, with our big dreams, with the very essence of what drives us. When we hear from people who've been inspired to go after their own dreams, that's the most fulfilling. We're so inspired to be on the hands of people who share that same spirit of going for it in life. Seeking fulfillment in the pursuit of their passions.


At the heart of this brand it's about pushing boundaries, being authentic, and creating unforgettable moments for ourselves. Our rings have always gone beyond being just accessories; they're collections that hit you right in the feels and reminders of moments we've experienced and stories we've yet to tell.